What Are You Holding On To?

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What are you holding onto?

Negative thoughts and negative beliefs lead to anxiety, depression, and fear.

They make life harder crippling you and destroying your chances for success.

  • Guilt magnifies our inner pain and keeps us from realizing inner peace and happiness.
  • Fear keeps us stuck limiting our potential.
  • Shame keeps us from realising our true self worth.
  • Anger to robs us of our  joy and that of those around us.

While a healthy dose of these things are needed in our life, some people wear these as badges of honor we’re often our own worst critic.

Ok so lets do a reality check,

  • Are my thoughts freeing me to grow?
  • Are my thoughts helpful?
  • Do they empower me?
  • Are my thoughts helping me accomplish my dreams?

Remember you have heard me say this before,

Everything starts as a thought before it becomes reality.

Thoughts always come to mind before emotions. Ones thoughts preceded their feelings. see that you are sabotaging yourself,  choose to  be energized by taking  action, which  leads to a more fulfilling reality.

Tidbit for today…

Let go! When you release something that no longer serves your highest potential, you open yourself up to something better.