The Secret Law of Abundance

tree-of-abundance (2)

How do you live your life?  Do you live it with the thought process that the resources needed to accomplish your wants and desires are not only there, but that they are there in excess?  Or do you live it with the notion that you are never afforded enough time, money, or other resources to get what you want?  If it is the latter then you may be surprised to learn that you are breaking a secret law that is both natural and spiritual in nature known as the Law of Abundance.  This law is based on the principle that the universe provides us with an endless source of everything we could ever need, a source that is perpetually available to us.


Now many people that have come up short on something that they have desperately wanted or needed may be highly skeptical of this law.  They may be saying things like “I wasn’t able to get my kid all they wanted for Christmas,” or “After five years I still have barely gotten my business off the ground.”  However, this mentality is the exact reason that these barriers are not overcome.  Your mind is the most influential organ in your body and makes it such that you are what you think you are.  If you want your best life now, you must begin to stop focusing on this perceived notion of limited resources.  Rather you should come to accept that you have an abundance of resources at your disposal and are entitled to them.


One question that arises when discussing the law of abundance is how dreams factor into it.  For if you are dreaming for something that you do not have are you not in fact treating what you have as limited rather than in abundance?  It is in fact the exact opposite, as with the law of abundance you should dare to dream.  For the law of abundance dictates that everything begins with just a thought, and then you and your dreams and desires will begin to move towards each other.  The major difference between a dreamer that abides by the Law of Abundance and one that does not is that one that abides by the law manifests these dreams and knows that they have the necessary resources to accomplish them.


While most of the examples thus far of the Law of Abundance in action have dealt with monetary and professional resources, it also plays an important role in one of life’s biggest resources, getting the love that you deserve.  The Law of Abundance is heavily contingent on one’s ability to accept what they deserve.  A major issue with getting the love that you deserve is an inability to accept that you do in fact deserve it.  While many people for some reason feel that both the love that they have for themselves and the love of another is a finite resource and that they are undeserving of it when it is in fact an abundant one that they should expect.  Once one realizes this, they can accomplish a sense of love that is greater than many can even imagine.


Are you ready to rid yourself of struggle and anxiety that comes with the thought process of the universe providing you with finite resources that are not enough to accomplish what you want and need?  If so then today is the day to start manifesting your desires and making every action with the thought that the resources to obtain these desires are abundant.  Abiding by the Law of Abundance is a life changing decision that will see previously impossible goals and dreams accomplished.