Roam the Infinite Expanses of Your Brain.


strategies-for-change-mind-map-jane-genoveseAre looking to improve your creativity? Mind maps can help you become more creative, remember more, and solve problems more effectively.

Mind mapping is a simple technique, a visual thinking tool that helps structure information engaging your brain in a much richer way.  Helping you to better analyze, comprehend, synthesize, recall and generate new ideas. Its power lies in its simplicity and, best of all, it is fun!

Simply put, mind mapping is a brain dumping process that helps stimulate new ideas and connections.

Here’s how>>>>Start with an open, playful attitude.

  • Take a blank sheet of paper.
  • Add the central topic, Mind mapping begins with a word or image that symbolizes what you want to think about placed in the middle of the page.Why? Because starting in the center gives your brain freedom to spread out in all directions and to express itself more freely and naturally.
  • Add branches, Draw a line (straight or curved) from the central topic, and write down that idea. Use colors throughout. Color adds tremendous energy to your creative thinking.
  • Add sub-branches, what does that idea make you think of ? What is related to it? Your brain works by association. It likes to link two (or three, or four) things together. If you connect the branches, you will understand and remember a lot more easily.
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as you need to flush out all of your ideas around the topic that you chose.

By creating and studying your mind map, you’ll find new solutions, ideas and thoughts. The process of creating a mind map is ingenious because it will often lead to bursts of new ideas. Your creativity will continue to grow and expand once you’ve started.