Proven Ways to Improve Your Memory

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Having a good memory can be an asset to just about every part of your life, but not all of us seem to be able to remember everything we want. It’s no surprise, given the times we live in. Information overload is a problem we all deal with in the digital age, and it seems that remembering everything is an impossibility.

There are proven ways however, to improve your memory. These tips will give you   information on how to boost your memory.


You are probably aware of all of the health benefits of getting regular exercise. But did you know that you it can also improve your memory? It can!  Exercise isn’t just good. for your body, it’s also good for your brain. Exercise increases the oxygenation level in your brain. Your brain works with the help of important chemicals, and exercise can be beneficial to the chemical balance in your brain.  

Sleep Well

Getting the right amount of sleep is critical in letting our bodies recover and regenerate from the day before. Without enough sleep, the body, especially the brain, can become compromised. Forgetfulness and memory lapses are much more common when we are sleep deprived. Research has shown that during sleep, memory consolidation occurs. This is even more so during the deepest parts of our sleep cycle. Without proper sleep, you can be sure that your memory will be negatively affected. For this reason, it is important to adequately rest and rejuvenate our minds!

Have Fun

When you are having fun, you are not only feeling relaxed, but you are engaging your brain in a different way than when you are under stress. Laughter is actually good for you and your brain! When you laugh, you brain is engaging several areas at once, and giving you a good mental workout. Laughing helps you to think more broadly and improve your free associations.

Some ways to increase your fun level are to laugh at yourself when you do something silly or do something embarrassing. Instead of provoking a stress response in your mind, you will be helping your overall mental health! Another way to increase fun in your life is to spend time with people who make you laugh. We all know people like this, ones who are the life of the party. Stick around these types of people and you will feel happier and have more fun for sure.

Reduce Stress

Our modern day lives have no shortage of stress, but anything you can do to reduce it will help you overall, and even with memory improvement. When you are stressed, you can become forgetful, as you will be in stress coping mode. Stress can actually damage the part of your brain – the hippocampus – which helps in recalling old memories and creating new ones.

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress and improve your concentration and focus.

Spend time each day using stress reduction techniques including meditation, deep breathing exercises, listening to relaxing music or anything that calms your mind and body.

Eat Right

Load your body up with healthy food and drinks for the maximum brain boosting benefits. Some great ideas are green tea, fruits, vegetables, fish with Omega-3’s (salmon, sardines to name a few), wine (in moderation). Also eat sensibly, watching your calorie and saturated fat intake. When you nurture your body, you will also be taking care of your brain! Memory is tied into your well-being overall, so eating right is a must.

Challenge Your Brain

Give your brain a workout to improve your memory skills. Some ways are by doing crosswords, brain teasers, word searches, and logic puzzles. There are plenty of free resources online to keep your mind active on a daily basis. Use these fun games to make sure your mind is in good shape!

Your memory is a valuable asset that you should protect and develop. Whether it’s remembering the name of someone you met at a conference last month, or recalling the sales figure from last quarter, you must rely on your memory. Learn and practice the above techniques to keep your mind healthy.

You have only one brain – so treat it well.