You and The Universe are Calling You to Your Destiny.


Tidbits from Tina—

I hope you’ve been enjoying the tips I’ve been sending you about creating a life that’s fulfilling and purposeful.

People tell me that they feel out of touch with what they really want.  They often feel a  disconnect from self, they can’t imagine a different, happier kind of life for themselves.  I’d like to suggest to you something you may wish to try to help you get in touch with your true self.

Two of the ways life speaks to us are:


  • Through our longings.
  • Through our  discontent.


When you are feeling  longing or discontent–just pause for a moment–let yourself explore the possibilities. Focus on what pictures come to mind that would solve the longing and discontent?  Take a deep breath and let those pictures emerge in your mine.

Ask yourself, “What is it that life is saying to me right now?”  If I could wave a magic wand  what would I love to do, to feel and to experience?

Life is always seeking a fuller more expansive expression of itself. Our feelings of discontent and longing for something is life’s way of challenging you. There’s nothing wrong with you.  This is good news!

Your life is speaking to you and through you–It’s time to listen.

Pay attention to every one of those thoughts.

Welcome them and listen closely.

You and the universe are calling you to your destiny.

Tidbit for the day:

There is nothing wrong with our feelings of discontent or our longings, we humans are meant to grow successful and happy people stay challenged & passionate.